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FHC Seeks Volunteers for FHC Masters Committees

Masters Field Hockey is growing worldwide and Field Hockey Canada is seeking to formalize its various Masters committees to support and encourage events and participation in Canadian Masters hockey.

Proposed are four Masters sub-committees:

  • Masters International Outdoor Committee
  • Masters International Indoor Committee
  • Masters Domestic Committee
  • Masters Officials Committee

The FHC Masters Executive Committee is composed by representatives from these 4 sub-committees.

Example roles of the sub-committees:

  • Encourage and support the development of annual Masters events across Canada and Internationally
  • Encourage and support participation in Masters events
  • Complement and assist local organizing committees
  • Support logistical planning and scheduling
  • Coordinate national and regional events across Canada and within regions
  • Communicate with other Masters Committees and FHC
  • Policy creation

Interested applicants will be considered by the current Masters Steering Committee which is being replaced by the above Masters Executive Committee and its 4 sub-committees. 

If you are interested in being considered to be part of a Committee, please reach out to Ian Baggott,

Please don’t hesitate to reach out as soon as possible!