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Field Hockey Canada Masters Committee International Athlete Selection Policy

FHC Masters selection criteria


With the growing popularity of ‘Masters Hockey’ and the formal recognition of it at the national level by Field Hockey Canada (FHC), and internationally by the World Masters Hockey (WMH) and Fédération de Hockey Internationale (FIH), the following process for selection to national teams has been approved by FHC’s Masters Committee.

FHC’s selection process aims to be transparent and fair. FHC’s Masters Hockey Committee is dedicated to the continued development of hockey for athletes aged 35 and over and to provide international competition with their peers.

Masters athletes wishing to be considered for Masters Squad or Masters National team selection must i) be members of their provincial associations and ii) register with FHC’s on-line database.


  1. a)  National Team – athletes selected to represent Canada at a particular competition.
  2. b)  National Squad – players who register with FHC and are invited to practice by the Coach. Note: that practicing with the Squad is a way of acquiring fitness and learning the skills necessary for national team selection.
  3. c)  Maple Leafs – a non-national team may be selected by FHC to play in non-national tournaments or a sub-tournament of a national tournament (e.g. World Cup). A Maple Leafs team has greater selection flexibility with respect to age (where the competition permits) and performance standards.
  4. d)  Selector(s) – means the National Team Coach or a committee appointed by the National Team Coach. As with all its national teams, FHC has the sole right to select its coaches, athletes, staff and umpires.

1.0 Masters National Team Objectives:

1.1 To select players to teams to achieve the best possible results for Field Hockey Canada at international matches, tournaments and competitions;

1.2 To employ an open and fair selection process that gives all players a chance to challenge for international selection.

2.0 Masters National Team Eligibility:

2.1 To be eligible for selection, a player must hold or be eligible to hold a Canadian Passport or have been a permanent resident of Canada for twelve (12) months;

2.2 For FHC Masters selection, the player must be eligible under current regulations and not have played for another country’s International Masters team in an FIH competition in the previous twelve (12) months;

2.3 With the exception of the teams in the oldest age groups, where there is no upper age limit, the players selected must be within the 5-year age group in which their age falls. Note: An exception may be made at the discretion of FHC Masters Committee, for a player to play down from their age group. e.g. an over-50 plays over-45. Similarly, if a specific tournament allows players younger than a specific age group to play, World Masters Hockey – WMH may grant an exemption to players so they can play up an age group. (note: in practice playing up an age group is unlikely because Canada is no longer considered a masters development country);

2.4 For competition purposes, all players are deemed to have attained a particular age on the 1st January of the current year, e.g a player whose 60th birthdate is December 2020 is regarded as 60 for the entire year 2020 and is eligible to play in the World Cup in the autumn of 2020.

3.0 Selection framework:

3.1 Hockey is a team sport. While individual hockey skills are important, they must be executed within a team environment. Selectors will also take into account factors such as: ability to play in more than one position, availability, level of commitment and the ability to implement the team’s tactical requirements. The basic selection criteria to be used are:

a) individual physical fitness;
b) individual hockey skills;
c) positioning and game skills[passing, tackling, marking and channeling];
d) game adaptability [moving from attack to defence and vice versa]; and
e) tactical ability – ability to execute a coaching plan;

3.2 FHC Selectors may use club, regional and national events from which to draw Canada Masters players but they may also evaluate talent through any other means that the Selector(s) believe is reasonable;

3.3 The long-run aim is to promote Masters hockey at all age levels at Regional and National Tournaments. Selector(s) may use these as Talent ID sessions;

3.4.1 All Provincial Associations may propose player Talent ID sessions in their province or region for player identification by the FHC Selectors. Players must be nominated and will be selected within the 5-year age group in which their age is deemed to fall i.e. 40 – 44 years, 45 – 49 years, etc.;

3.4.2 All costs of Talent ID sessions must be paid by the athletes of the region or province requesting such a session;

3.4.3 Talent ID sessions at the national training centre (Vancouver) are open to all athletes who satisfy the selection criteria;

3.5 FHC will publicize the Talent ID date(s) on FHC’s masters website. When selected, the team/squad of an appropriate number of players will be named. Players not selected should also receive notification of this from the Coach / Selectors at the same time as notification of the selected team/squad is publicized;

3.5.1 Players not able to attend a Talent ID session are not excluded from selection;

3.6 The Coach / Selector(s) shall appoint the Captain of each age group on behalf of the Masters Committee.

4.0 Team Formation – The FHC Masters Committee must approve the formation of any National Canadian Masters Team that plays in a FIH sanctioned event. This shall be done on the basis of considering; the number of players available for the specific age group team, the experience of these players, the impact on other age groups, and the competitiveness of the team. Proposals for team formation must be submitted to the Committee for consideration no later than 12 months preceding the event.

This Selection Policy will be reviewed by the FHC Masters Committee as-and-when circumstances require and not less than every 2 years.

FHC Masters Committee – September 2019