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Indoor World Cup Nottingham (ENG) Appointment of Technical Officials, Umpire Managers and Umpires

Dear Members,

On behalf of the WMH Technical Committee we are pleased to announce that the recruitment process for officials for the above event is now open. The WMH Technical Committee is inviting officials whose National Associations are current WMH members to submit their Expression of Interests (EOI) to officiate under the following categories to support this event:

  • Technical Officials (TD, ATD, TO/Judge)
  • Umpire Managers (UM and AUM)
  • Umpires

If you are interested in being part of the WMH Indoor World Cup officials team please complete and submit the appropriate EOI from the list below by no later than 10 November 2023. All those appointed must meet the standards outlined in the appropriate Appointment Criteria – see links below. Note that to ensure the overall WMH officials team strengths and standards are met, the final decision on all appointments to this tournament is at the sole discretion of WMH.

Confirmation of those appointed will be circulated after 20 December 2023 and also will be posted on WMH social media in January once all acceptance details have been received.

Additional Information about the expected commitment

  • All appointed WMH tournament officials must be a member in good standing and have the approval of their WMH National Association (NA) to participate in any WMH event. Note: the WMH TC may request and confirm approval from each NA before a tournament official will be appointed to the MIWC. If the NA does not give approval then the official will not be considered for appointment to the this event.
  • Tournament officials will be expected to arrive at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the tournament. Departure could be the evening or day after conclusion of matches on 1 April 2024. Note the MIWC will have Opening and Closing Ceremonies – details to follow.
  • Tournament officials will also be expected to attend the appropriate pre-tournament briefing meetings, either online or in person, as required by WMH, the Technical Delegate and/or Umpire Managers.
  • Appointed tournament officials will be subject to ongoing evaluation throughout the event and will receive verbal and written feedback at the end of the tournament. Copies of written feedback will be shared with the officials National Association.
  • Attending WMH tournaments as a tournament official is totally self-funding including travel, accommodation and meals. However, the Host Organising Committee (HNOC) will provide accommodation and meals for senior officials (TD, ATD, UM and AUM). In addition, refreshments and food options will be made available to all tournament officials when on duty at the playing venue.
  • The HNOC will provide accommodation recommendations to all appointed officials. Officials are also free to make their own arrangements. Travel to/from the playing venue is the officials’ own responsibility unless provided by the HNOC at their discretion.
  • WMH tournament shirts must be purchased and worn at this event – (Umpires: rainbow shirts, Technical and UM: red shirts). Details to follow with confirmation of appointments.
  • All appointed tournament officials will be responsible for obtaining their own necessary travel visas, insurance and medical vaccinations as necessary.

Appointment Criteria

Further detail on the appointment criteria for each category of official are available as follows:

Technical Officials – Appointment Criteria for Technical Officials to WMH Events

Umpires – Appointment Criteria for Umpires to WMH Indoor Events

Umpire Managers – Appointment Criteria for Umpire Managers to WMH Events

Application (Expression of Interest)

TD/ATD EOI – 2024 WMH Indoor TD and ATD EOI form

TECHNICAL OFFICIAL EOI – 2024 WMH Indoor Technical Official EOI form

UMPIRE MANAGER EOI – 2024 WMH Indoor Umpire Manager EOI form

UMPIRE EOI – 2024 WMH Indoor Umpire EOI form

Completed EOI forms must be submitted by 10 November 2023 at the latest. WMH Technical Committee expect to notify those appointed after 20 December 2023.

If you have any questions or comments, or require further information at this stage, please contact WMH Technical Committee at the email below.

WMH Technical Committee


24th October 2023