Maple Leaf

Masters Indoor Camp Registration

(note – this is for Women’s 40+ indoor only, must be completed by Monday July 12th, 2021)

It’s easy to create an account with FHC’s Registration and Event Database (F-RED.) One account can
administer a whole family; each person does not need to have their own account.
If you or a family member already has an FHA Ramp account, or indeed a Ramp account for any other
sport, you can login to F-RED with those credentials, and you should not create a new account.

  1. Create or login to your account here:
    If you create an account, you will return to the login page.
  2. Login
    If you get a Captcha error, try again. This occasional error precludes the need to find traffic lights or
    chimneys. You should now be at FHC Club dashboard, with primarily red branding.
  3. Hit the Participant Registration button – make sure you don’t hit another one by mistake, as they
    will not work for this, and may sign you up for something else
  4. On the Participant Registration page, choose the Masters 2021-2022 season
  5. Choose a Family Member to Register; you can also add a family member here
  6. If you are Adding a Family Member, here are notes about the Participant Information:
    a) not all fields are mandatory: only use Middle Name, Former Last Name, and Nickname if you
    have them
    b) only use Legal Name if that’s not what you entered above (e.g. Antony rather than Tony)
    c) second phone and second email are optional
    d) Date format is MM DD YYYY
    e) Phone is free-format; 123-456-7890 is recommended but not mandatory
    f) if you have missed a mandatory field F-RED will not let you move to the next screen until you
    enter it
  7. Choose the Women Indoor – All Ages 40+ division
  8. Choose the appropriate ID Camp package
  9. Hit Continue to take you to the…
  10. Confirmation page. Please take the time to confirm the details; if anything needs editing you can do
    it from here. Note the e-transfer payment information is camp-specific, and is included in the
    document in the box top right. Then hit Submit Registration.
  11. Now you should be at the Registration Complete page. You will also be sent a confirmation email,
    which includes the same camp-specific information.