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Masters World Cup 2022 Tokyo, Japan (60+ Men)

Date: 5th-15th November 2020 7th-17th November 2021
Date: October 19-29th, 2022


Junichi SekiyaGreetings from Chairperson of Host Nation Organizing Committee

Dear Masters Hockey Friends,

First of all, I would like to congratulate the creation and successful start-up of the newly born World Masters Hockey.  I wish WMH successful growth and development in the future.

It is our honor to host the Masters World Cup for Men. 0/60, 0/65, 0/70, 0/75, National and Non-National in 2020(now 2022) in Tokyo.  Since WMH awarded us the privilege of hosting this prestigious tournament, we set up the Host Nation organizing Committee (HNOC) and have been exhaustively pursuing all our preparation work with the spirit of OMOTENASHI (hospitality) for a successful and enjoyable tournament where all the participants from various countries can enjoy this opportunity.

(old information)As you know already, Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held from 24th July to 9th August, and from 25th August to 6th September in 2020 respectively. We proudly announce that the Masters World Cup 2020 Tokyo will be played during 5th through 15th November at the Oi Olympic Hockey Field, the first time in the long history of Grand Masters hockey that the World Cup has followed the Olympic Games on the Komazawa Olympic pitches. We expect that all of the participants will enjoy highly competitive games in the exciting atmosphere of the Olympic pitches.

It has been said recently that life expectancy is getting into the range of 100 years. This tournament is inviting much attention in Japan as a socially valuable sporting event which promotes a lifestyle of ‘healthy and long life’ for older people and also contributes to a better international social life. We expect that more than 1000 participants from every corner of the world will come together. This is really a pioneering event and the biggest for Over 60 sport in Japan which, we predict, will become a legend for the future.

I am quite confident that this event will stage the best opportunity to encourage Masters hockey in the Asian region where it is still remains in a developing stage. I expect many more Asian teams to enter this tournament.

I expect also that participants will enjoy not only the hockey competition but will also take this opportunity to explore Japanese culture and tradition. At present there are 18 cultural and four natural UNESCO World Heritages sites and another one is expected to be added next year.

Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, the cities of Kyoto and Nara with many historical buildings, even Japanese food such as sushi and tempura are part of these Japanese heritages!

We are planning to issue Newsletters giving various tourism information including shopping places, restaurants etc. We hope you will all experience and enjoy our unique Japanese culture and take good memories back with you.

We look forward to welcoming so many people who will be participating in this tournament and enjoying hockey and friendship together.

Junichi Sekiya
Japan Masters Hockey


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